جستجوی عبارت senate intel committee no evidence to support donald trump s wiretap claim

a russian-american former soviet counter intelligence official turned lobbyist has said he attended a 2016 meeting with donald trump jr, marking another change in the account of a discussion earmarked by some as evidence of collusion between the trump .paign and russia.

donald trump’s son, donald trump jr., met with a kremlin-linked lawyer during the 2016 election .paign after being promised damaging information about hillary clinton. this report published by the new york times on sunday (9 july) puts trump in jeopardy after his first meeting with russian president putin left the impression the two get along well.

ex-uk envoy to tehran: trump’s economic war on iran doomed to failurepoliticsnovember 17, 2018richard dalton, the former british amb ador to tehran, has written an article predicting that donald trump’s “economic war on iran is doomed to failure”.following is the text of the article published by the guardian on friday:the u.s. has declared economic war on iran: after having pulled out of the un security council-endorsed nuclear deal in may, the trump administration is now unilaterally combating the right of the rest of the world to engage in legal trade with the islamic republic.with demand for iranian oil holding firm and no international support for sanctions, the u.s. harsh approach has no futurethis policy is based on the claim that iran is a major security threat to the american people. but that is transparently exaggerated. and the statement by mike pompeo that sanctions will be used to ensure iran “behaves like a normal country” is unintentionally ironic.the u.s. is ...

tehran (fna)- a senior iraqi legislator voiced suspicion over us president donald trump's pledge to support iraq in the fight against terrorism and reconstruction of the country, stressing that the isil had been annihilated long before if washington would have remained committed to its undertakings.

tehran (fna)- senior advisor to the iranian parliament speaker hossein amir abdollahian underlined that us president donald trump's support for saudi arabia cannot save the al saud regime from imminent collapse.

new security measures establish minimum requirements for international cooperation to support u.s. visa and immigration vetting today, president donald j. trump announced the establishment of enhanced national security measures, aimed at creating—for the first time in history—minimum requirements for international cooperation to support visa and immigration vetting and adjudications for individuals seeking entry to the united states. this is a critical step toward establishing an immigration system that protects americans’ safety and security in an era of dangerous terrorism and transnational crime. “following an extensive review by the department of homeland security, we are taking action today to protect the safety and security of the american people by establishing a minimum security baseline for entry into the united states,” president trump said. “we cannot afford to continue the failed policies of the ...

federal investigators might have reason to examine whether donald trump jr., the eldest son of the president, broke .paign finance law when he attended a meeting with a russian lawyer who he believed would offer damaging information about hillary clinton, legal experts told nbc news.

just about two weeks after the presidents of russia and the united states reached a ceasefire agreement for southern syria, us president donald trump has reportedly ended a cia program to train the syrian rebels. a move which could have wide-ranging implications for the developments on the ground in syria.

donald trump’s white house has been plunged into fresh turmoil as the us president abruptly announced homeland security secretary john kelly as his chief of staff, ending the tumultuous six-month tenure of reince priebus.

donald trump is meeting britain's head of government on the sidelines of an international summit in germany.

new details emerged friday in the meeting between president trump’s eldest son and a russian attorney. this, as a former trump .paign adviser testified on capitol hill. he called the whole russian inquiry “collusion delusion.”

us president donald trump is arriving on july 5 in one of the few european countries that cheered his victory and sees eye to eye with the former businessman and tv personality on a number of issues.

statement and manifest on condemning and convicting trump’s prate, rant and fustian in condemnation of worthless stupid hostile remarks of donald trump, the fool and the moron who has become the president of the united states of americaresponse to trump's speech in united nations general embly once again, donald trump has expressed and proved his stupidity, wickedness and malfeasance with his foolish shameless rude behavior and his extremely worthless words. trump added up some new items to the long list of his foolish behaviors. shameless unabashed president of the united states who lacks political politeness and wisdom, accused honorable iran of what his own evil regime (the evil government of the united states) and the usurper oppressor tyrant zionist regime (israel) deserve. he accused great iran of the crimes us government has committed. this is not the first time american officials express worthless futile remarks about iran. remarks which are full of ...

iran on .urday blamed what it called donald trump's "arbitrary and conflicting policies" for global security threats, rejecting the u.s. president's description of tehran as a rogue state.

tehran (fna)- fbi director james comey confirmed an ongoing investigation monday of possible collusion between president donald trump’s 2016 presidential .paign and russian authorities, local media said.

open letter to first lady of the united states melania trump dear lady melania trump:i, saeed shojaee saadi, as an internet-based researcher and activist of peace and world culture, invite you to take the two following issues into consideration:a - my internet-based research has shown a decline in the popularity of president trump and the republican party last year, and i have repeatedly reminded them in open letters to president trump, lady ivanka trump and jared kushner etc, but unfortunately, they did not pay attention.my research showed that the wrong advice from mr. jared kushner, john bolton, foreign minister mike pompeo and others, reduced the popularity of president trump and the failure of the republicans in the us mid-term election.dear lady melania trump:if president trump does not change his domestic and foreign policies, i predict that the republican party will lose the white house and the senate in the 2020 election.dear lady melania trump:i believe that the middle east i ...

tehran (fna)- a new poll showed that us president donald trump’s approval rating has hit a new low.

fire and fury: inside the trump white housetitle: fire and fury: inside the trump white house | author(s): michael wolff | publisher: henry holt and co. | year: 2018 | language: english | pages : 336 | size: 2 mb | extension: pdf with extraordinary access to the trump white house, michael wolff tells the inside storyof the most controversial presidency of our timethe first nine months of donald trump rsquo;s term were stormy, outrageous―and absolutely mesmerizing. now, thanks to his deep access to the west wing, ...دریافت فایل

tehran (fna)- iraqi foreign minister ibrahim al-jaafari underlined that the baghdad government will not pay any attention to us president donald trump's policies adopted against the islamic republic of iran.

president donald trump spoke friday by telephone with saudi arabia's king salman about efforts to end the row with qatar, according to the white house.

من این پست رو 1 داد نوشته بودم:می خوام برم تو لیست حضور تو لیستی که #سید_حسن_نصرالله توش باشه، واسم آرزویی بود که ترامپ جونی برام محقق ش کرد thank u lovely man,donald trump پ.ن1: بودم قطعا یه تفکر و به کارت داشتن نیست.... پ.ن2:این چند روز که نبودیم قشنگ معلومه راضی بودیدا ! لکن سعی میکنم کمتر بیام تو بیان پست بذارم که راضی تر بشید... پ.ن3: ی که با (ب انت و امی و نفسی و اهلی و مالی )برای انقلاب و دینش با رگ و پوستش عجین شده،از چی میترسونن، واقعا چه انتظاری از تحریم بسج و 20 شرکت و سازمانی که مرتبط با بسیج هستن دارید؟؟؟ پ.ن4: ما 16 میلیون (ثبت شده یعنی رسما کارت و از این جور چیزا ? ...

من این پست رو 1 داد نوشته بودم:می خوام برم تو لیست حضور تو لیستی که #سید_حسن_نصرالله توش باشه، واسم آرزویی بود که ترامپ جونی برام محقق ش کرد thank u lovely man,donald trump پ.ن1: بودم قطعا یه تفکر و به کارت داشتن نیست.... پ.ن2:این چند روز که نبودیم قشنگ معلومه راضی بودیدا ! لکن سعی میکنم کمتر بیام تو بیان پست بذارم که راضی تر بشید... پ.ن3: ی که با (ب انت و امی و نفسی و اهلی و مالی )برای انقلاب و دینش با رگ و پوستش عجین شده،از چی میترسونن، واقعا چه انتظاری از تحریم بسج و 20 شرکت و سازمانی که مرتبط با بسیج هستن دارید؟؟؟ پ.ن4: ما 16 میلیون (ثبت شده یعنی رسما کارت و از این جور چیزا ? ...

tehran (fna)- a senior republican politician said the us spy agencies scooped up the communications of members of donald trump's presidential transition team late last year, possibly including those of the president-elect himself,

the us president donald trump has once again certified iran’s compliance with the 2015 nuclear deal, thereby keeping the hopes alive for the deal to be sustained. however, it seems that washington is still close to actually refusing the historical deal by not staying committed to its terms.

the confrontation between qatar and its three immediate neighbors has hit a wall. efforts by secretary of state rex tillerson, ably supported by secretary of defense james mattis and senate foreign relations chairman bob corker has partly offset the president’s early ardent support of saudi arabia and its friends. the likelihood of president trump overruling his secretaries of defense and state seems increasingly remote.

american progressives who want to move past the shock of the nov. 8 election must remember how to build coalitions and listen to racial, religious and other marginalized communities whose civil liberties are at risk in the wake of election, two national speakers told a wilmette audience .urday. community organizer mariame kaba and journalist john nichols also agreed that democrats at the national level should cooperate neither with congressional republicans nor with president-elect donald trump. to do so, they said, would put at risk everything from labor and civil liberties to america"s social safety net. "if you"re going to take crumbs, that"s what they"re going to... years ago, "the simpsons" writers predicted a donald trump presidency. sunday night,cheap pandora rings for sale, in the first show to air after trump"s victory, they expressed their regret. in the opening credits, which change every episode, bart simpson grimaced as he scrawled on the blackboard: "being right .s."...

us president donald trump spoke separately late sunday with king salman bin abdulaziz of saudi arabia, crown prince mohammad bin zayed al-nahyan of abu dhabi, the amir of qatar sheikh tamim bin hamad al-thani, the white house announced.

tehran (fna)- a new poll showed a majority of young americans view donald trump's presidency as illegitimate, including about three-quarters of black people and nearly half of whites.

زبل president donald trump is in seoul, the second stop of his five-country asian tour. a lot of progress was made on the issue of north korea&لینک های : کیفیت 144p | کیفیت 240p | کیفیت 360p | کیفیت 480p | کیفیت |

former u.s. president barack obama has pointed to the importance of the paris climate accord while criticizing donald trump for pulling the world’s biggest economy out of the pact.

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